Overwatch 2 will have cooperation like Fortnite. McDonalds confirms the first one

The developers have openly said that they would be willing to go for different kinds of collaborations. Now it’s probably known what the first one will be.

It was officially known that Blizzard’s Overwatch 2 would want to establish partnerships with various brands. This was said, for example, by Jon Spector in an interview with GameInformer.

This has caused very mixed emotions, after all, many people associate Fortnite co-op with Thanos doing strange dances. Naturally, people are quite skeptical about it.

The first such collaboration that may appear in Overwatch 2 is the one with McDonald’s. It’s been a while since one of the outlets showed an “Overwatch 2” option when placing an order.

So it’s hard to feign surprise today when writing about potential cooperation.

McDonald’s confirms upcoming collaboration

On one of the official regional profiles of McDonald’s there was a confirmation of the cooperation. Of course, one can say here that maybe only someone managing the profile is trolling, but the chances of that are rather low.

What could this collaboration be? While this is not officially known, in Overwatch 2 itself, the words “available as part of a regional promotion” appear next to some cosmetic items.

So there’s a chance that this is what this is all about. Details, of course, remain unknown, so one has to wait for some official information from Blizzard or McDonald’s.