In connection with the war in Ukraine, Blizzard changed the Zaria skin from Overwatch by removing the letter “Z”

It was unfortunate that the character is called “Zaria” and has a skin inspired by Russia.

Blizzard is known to want to avoid any affiliation with anything that might be controversial. The players themselves pointed out to the developers that there is a “Z” on the Zaria skins, which could be associated with Russia.

Of course, “Z” simply meant the first letter of the character’s name, but unfortunately, it so happened that one of the skins on which this “Z” appears is the one inspired by classic Russian clothing.

Blizzard removes “Z”

As a Reddit user with the nickname “Proto_VI” noticed, “Z” that could have a bad meaning has been removed. It is worth recalling that the Russians used and still use “Z” to identify their troops.

If it is difficult for someone to notice the changes:

In the case of Blizzard, many decisions to remove certain symbols have been very controversial in the past. Here, no one has doubts as to why Blizzard chose to do this.