First look at the skills of the new character for Overwatch 2. Here’s Kiriko, officially

Blizzard itself has released a trailer for Kiriko, a new character to be added in Overwatch 2.

Kiriko’s appearance is not some kind of surprise. Before the official reveal, we saw a leak that showed exactly what the upcoming heroine looks like. Now you can see a little more.

It looks pretty much like… Overwatch “1.” In any case, this is not an extensive discussion of the character, but only a “gameplay trailer”, the first piece of the puzzle. You can expect today to be a bit more interesting for Overwatch.

Kiriko and her gameplay in Overwatch 2

The video is quite short, but it’s possible to get quite a bit out of it. Without spoiling the surprise, we attach the trailer:


Recall that Kiriko will be available in a combat pass for Season 1 of Overwatch 2. Purchasing the pass will immediately give access to the character. Everyone else will probably have to play for a while to unlock her.

It is possible that there will already be content from influencers today, but also additional content from Blizzard itself. After all, the launch is around the corner, and the developers still haven’t answered key questions.