This is what Kiriko looks like. A new character in Overwatch 2. An entire 10-minute cinematic has also been leaked

Everyone in the game industry has become accustomed to marketing involving leaks. Is it the same this time?

A leak that has been loud for Overwatch players has appeared online. This one shows the appearance of a new character that will appear in OW2. It is a support heroine – Kiriko. Until now it was not known what she looks like specifically, but that has just changed.

The leak includes not only the appearance but also presents a full, nearly 10-minute cinematic that tells the heroine’s story. At this point, it’s hard to confirm the veracity, but major channels and sources about Overwatch have no doubts.

Kiriko w Overwatch 2

From this point on, concrete leaks are already starting to appear, showing her full appearance. If you don’t want spoilers, it’s worth not checking it out.


Character appearance:

The heroine will be included in the battle pass for Season 1 of Overwatch 2. It will be possible to unlock her on the so-called free path.