Blizzard is likely to change the role of Doomfist in Overwatch 2. The hero is being tested as a tank

Blizzard organized an AMA on Reddit, in which players had the opportunity to learn some very interesting things.

Overwatch 2 will introduce many different changes, both to the gameplay and to the characters. Some will only be slightly adjusted to 5v5, others will get a full rework. Geoff Goodman on Reddit revealed that while no role changes have yet been approved, there is one champion undergoing active testing.

It is about a Doomsift that would become a tank. All because with so many offensive tools he is very difficult to balance under 5vs5.

Doomfist as a tank

It is worth mentioning that this is not confirmed. Blizzard himself points out that this is one of the first stages of work and what’s more, at the moment the developers are not particularly satisfied with their progress.

As we read, the character will naturally lose some of his damage power, but at the same time gain more defense possibilities. Blizzard talks about the need to introduce at least one, typically defensive solution. And that’s something the developers want to tackle, at least as far as Doomfist is concerned

You can see that the developers are doing their best. The community is a bit worried about the fact that once again there is information about a very early stage of work. Some heroes are just starting their way to Overwatch 2, so it will all take a while.