An unconfirmed leak suggests that Mercy in Overwatch 2 will lose her resurrection forever

Unconfirmed information about Overwatch 2, and more specifically the skills of one of the characters, has appeared on the web.

It is difficult to say to what extent this leak is credible, but it has a specific source. This is not another 4chan leak that anyone can publish. The information is published by a specific person – a Twitch streamer.

She herself indicates that this is a rumor/leak. A year ago, she suggested that developers change the way Mercy works.

Removal of resurrection?

The ability that would change the revival is “Angelic Blessing”, giving allies a kind of soul that allows them to be attached to another player. Will it be introduced?

It is hard to say at the moment. Especially since this leak cannot be verified. The streamer did not publish any major leaks, at least from superficial research.

On the other hand, EeveeA cites several of her sources that confirm that her idea was used, so there is a chance that the change will be confirmed.