A non-obvious job advertisement may indicate that Overwatch mobile is in development

Overwatch for phones, how many times this phrase has been said? Now there’s another little hint on this subject.

It’s no wonder that Blizzard is looking to bring the Overwatch concept to mobile devices. Virtually every game developer is aware of the possibility of releasing their product on phones.

This was the case with Riot, for example, which finally decided to release Wild Rift, the mobile equivalent of LoL. Similarly with Valorant, although the game is not officially available for mobile devices, there are signs in the files that it was thought about.

Overwatch mobile

It’s probably the same with Overwatch. The developers had to think about releasing Overwatch for phones. The only question is whether this will actually happen. From time to time, there are smaller and larger hints online that Blizzard is doing something on this topic.

This time it’s about a job advertisement, which, written in a specific way, may suggest that the developers are looking for someone to deal with the topic of mobile Overwatch.

As always, you have to approach it with a certain distance. This isn’t a direct confirmation that Overwatch will someday be released on mobile, but it does seem like it can be taken at least as a sign.

Would mobile Overwatch surprise players? Probably not. In the past, this possibility has been mentioned many times, after all, there are a few copies of OW on the market, which may not be hits in Europe, but relatively many people play them in China. What’s more, the players themselves made Overwatch successfully run on phones in various ways.


Thinking about a possible release date seems like an abstraction at this point. Especially that it is not known when Overwatch 2 will appear. If the mobile OW is in production, it is probably about the second part. This one will definitely not come out before the premiere of Overwatch 2.