Google introduces a brand new solution that will make life much easier

A new Gmail feature means that emails will be able to write themselves. Literally

Google is one of the world’s largest companies tied to technology. It owns many of the most popular services, such as Youtube, and Gmail, an email inbox that is used all over the world. During the Google I/O conference, which is organized by Google and shows what the company has been working on recently. Among other things, a new feature of the email inbox was shown, which allows artificial intelligence to be used to write an email.

How does “Help me write” work?

“Help me write” is a new feature that was shown during the Google I/O conference, which took place on May 10. The company announced that it is working on its own artificial intelligence – Bardem – which will be a direct competitor to ChatGPT. “Help me write” is one of the first functions it will be available for.

This will allow you to write a very neat email, providing only basic information about what you want to communicate in it. What exactly does it look like?


Together with Gmail, we are taking the next step by introducing “Help me write.” Let’s say you got that email saying your flight was canceled. The airline sent you a voucher, but you would prefer to get a refund.

You can reply and use the new feature. Write briefly what you want, and after a while, a full working copy will appear. As you can see, a lot of information was taken from the previous email.

“Help me write” for the moment is not available in many languages. However, it is known that Google Bard is expected to come to many other countries, and thus most likely together with the mentioned Gmail feature.