What happened on 11/28 with Arcane? Riot replies what the 4th box was about

Virtually all over the world, it is already November 29, so what happened yesterday? We already know, but it won’t be happy news.

The whole world was waiting for new Arcane content yesterday. Let us remind you that YouTubers and streamers received special packages with specific dates. There were 4 boxes in total, the previous 3 showed the episode release dates. The date on the fourth was November 28, 2021.

So everyone waited for November 28, and that day finally came. Unfortunately, practically nothing happened, despite the announcement of YouTuber, who started it all.

Riot’s answer

Ubaman, the Spanish YouTuber showing these packages, added a post on his Twitter on November 27:

It’s almost 28

Under other comments, he also added messages indicating he was excited:

The news suggested that something interesting could be expected. Unfortunately, both in Spain and even in America, it is already November 29, and nothing that really mattered has happened. Finding any information on this subject was not easy.

Somewhere in the Twitter thread, however, we managed to track down Rioter’s statement. Perhaps someone has not thought about the emotions that will be associated with Arcane and the whole action. Javier Espana, who has been working for Riot for 6 years according to LinkedIn, wrote on Twitter:

So November 28 was just the end of the whole advertising campaign, and the date was put on the box just like that, and it didn’t really matter.

Unfortunately, it looks like this is the end of this thread and there will be no additional episode coming. The Spanish youtuber himself published a normal episode, his Twitter account has not yet featured the 4th box, and there is no mention of it on his Discord.