The Victorious skin for Blitzcrank. In addition, there are for skins: Kai’sa, Karma, Thresh, Volibear, Prestige Volibear, Yasuo

Riot showed new skins that will soon hit League of Legends. In addition to them, there is also a Victorious skin.

According to the schedule, we got to know new skins that will soon be released to League of Legends. Skins are from different series:

  • Dragonmancer:
    • Kai’sa,
    • Karma,
    • Thresh,
    • Volibear,
    • Prestige Volibear
  • Truth Yasuo & Dream Yasuo

Importantly, we also got to know the prestigious skin. Contrary to morning guesses, this is not Annie, but Blitzcrank. It looks like one of the social profiles just decided to troll. The skin will be released in patch 11.22.

Skins presentation

Of course, everything starts with a video prepared by Riot. As usual, not much is visible on it, but splash art has also been published. We have to wait for the direct in-game presentation.


Splash Arts