The next character from LoL will officially be in Fortnite. And that’s not all

Another heroine known from LoL will be available as a Fortnite skin.

During the successful collaboration during the premiere of the animated series from LoL – Arcane, the Jinx skin has been added to Fortnite. Together with several story additions, it quickly won the hearts of players.

Now, the continuation of cooperation between the two giants: Epic Games and Riot Games has been announced. We already know that the second main character will go to the world of Battle Royale, and it will be Vi. Interestingly, she has cosmetic items not only from herself.

Vi goes to Fortnite

Perhaps none of the Fortnite or League of Legends players expected that the two companies would cooperate with each other. However, it happened on the occasion of the premiere of the very popular first season of the animated series Arcane, which tells the story of several characters from this game.

It was then when Jinx made her way to Fortnite and quickly became a popular skin that the community eagerly bought. Now, a few months after that event, we already know that in addition to The Loose Cannon, Battle Royale fans will also meet her sister – Vi.

As we can see, the Vi pack includes a backpack that looks like a hanged teddy bear from the heroine of her early years, a pickaxe that is Jayce’s hammer, and a loading screen. The whole thing should be available in the set, but it is possible that it will also appear separately in the store.

Jinx should also be back in the shop with the premiere of Vi and will be available for purchase for the second time.