LoL streamer controversially shows that Riot’s banning system isn’t very good

This LoL streamer decided to show in a rather specific way that the ban system in LoL does not protect against trolling.

Banning toxic players is intended to reduce negative behavior in the game. At least that’s what it looks like in theory, because in practice it’s sometimes quite different.

Many League of Legends fans believe that the banning system works poorly, and often does not stop boorish and hurtful speech at all, and on top of that, there is nothing to prevent creating a new account in case of a perma ban.

One streamer decided to show this problem in a highly exaggerated way. What exactly did he do?

700 perma bans in League of Legends

Today it is believed that the League of Legends community is one of the most toxic in the entire gaming industry. In order to curb negative behavior, Riot has introduced a ban system that is being improved year after year. This is intended to catch trolls or people who just happen to be aggressive and can’t contain their emotions.

However, there is one player who is deliberately catching bans and provoking Riot to rethink whether the banning system actually works as it should.

A little-known Twitch streamer – LionL9 – has set himself some strange goals. He wants to ruin as many League of Legends games as possible. He destroys every game he participates in. Although it may seem absurd, the streamer does not give up and today he already has more than 700 perma bans.

In this way, he proves that the banning system makes no sense – it doesn’t stop trolling, because after losing one account, he immediately sets up a new one and the whole process repeats itself. LionL9, to further emphasize his trollish intentions, chooses Ghost and Teleport in every game.

The whole situation worries many fans of the game because it perfectly demonstrates that if someone wants to destroy others’ fun, they will do it no matter what. There are people who enjoy trolling and pissing off others, so they’ve been doing it for years. A ban on one account or another doesn’t change much.