After many years, a feature that literally all players have been asking for will be introduced into LoL

Many League of Legends players will be happy to hear that this feature is finally officially coming to the client.

The next League of Legends ranking season officially begins tomorrow. Players have had a while to get used to the new features released in the preseason, and now they will be able to start their ranking struggles after the short break that was the period between the 2022 and 2023 seasons. Every year, the developers release a video in which they share a lot of information about what is coming to League of Legends in the near future.

In addition to mentions of heroes, ranking season, and skins, the YouTube video featured a snippet about a certain feature that LoL players have been asking for, and for a really long time. What exactly is it about and what did one of the Rioters have to say?

Languages in League

Until now, in League of Legends, you could choose a language from a list that was assigned to a region. Players have long wanted to be able to set it differently because of dialogue lines spoken by characters, and this was only made possible by third-party programs, which not everyone wanted to use, however.

In the latest video released by Riot, one of the designers announces that the ability to change the language regardless of which region one plays in will soon be added to the client.



In addition to the change described above, unfortunately, nothing is known about whether Riot will allow choosing a different language for characters’ speech and for the text you see in the store, for example.