A very unusual “ban” in the world of LoL. G2 suspends Ocelote for the scandal surrounding Andrew Tate

Ocelote has been suspended for several weeks for his behavior on Twitter. What exactly happened there and why do people joke that the CEO suspended himself?

Carlos “ocelote” Santiago was suspended as CEO of G2 after he got into a discussion with people. It all started with the publication on social media of a video in which Ocelote is partying in the company of the Tate brothers.

No one needs to be told what an opinion surrounds Andrew Tate and how controversial a figure he is. People immediately criticized the CEO of G2, who decided to respond to all this. This ended with Ocelote’s suspension.

A strange suspension in the world of LoL

The video that was the fuse in this whole situation:


Andrew Tate is a very controversial figure who has incredibly many fans, but also people who criticize him. The American makes really extreme statements about women, often belittling their role in society. The general message is that women are not equal to men.

People were strongly annoyed at the video, which Ocelote commented as follows:

Of course, as expected, such an entry only aggravated an already tense situation. Further entries by the G2 CEO were already in a different tone:

Until G2’s announcement, which is clear – due to the situation, Ocelote is suspended for 8 weeks, he will be barred from performing his functions, and will not be paid for the period.

The fact is, G2 took a hard hit because of this, while the standard people are very divided on this situation. Some write that it was deserved, that the CEO went too far, etc. Others, on the contrary, say that there was nothing special about it.