The story of an old man loved by the entire internet. He came to the BTS concert with his wife

The whole internet fell in love with the photo of the old man at the BTS concert. Why?

Finally, after 2 years of separation, members of BTS, the most popular boy band in the world, were able to meet their fans at the PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert on November 27 and 28.

It was a really big event for both sides, considering how long the band didn’t see their fans due to ongoing problems in the world. And while BTS members were the stars of the night this weekend, someone else stole all fans’ attention on the second day of the show.

An old gentleman ARMY fell in love with

As the concert weekend has just ended, ARMYs from all over the world are sharing their tapes, photos, and stories from the entire event. It was a really big experience not only for young fans but also for the older ones, after all, as you know – BTS has a lot of fans of all ages.

It was during the second day of the concert that one of the fans posted on Twitter a photo of an old man who was sitting and watching the entire PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE event. It wouldn’t be surprising if it weren’t for one small detail.

As you can see, the man is holding a piece of paper with the names of each member of the boy band printed on it. ARMYs noted that the order in which the names are presented corresponds to the BTS fan-chant, a special shout sung by fans during the concert.

One of the female fans in the next tweet decided to explain the situation, as she was sitting right behind the old man presented in the photo. As he claims, the man came to the concert with his wife, who is a huge fan of BTS, and in order to remember the names of the members and their order during the fan-chant, he specially printed them on a separate sheet. Thanks to this, the elderly man could not only watch the entire concert but also be an active member of it. All because of his wife.

Fans immediately loved the story of the man.

Thanks to this, many people also began to share their stories about their parents and their adventures with concerts, by posting a lot of photos. It has always been known that BTS has a whole host of fans from the youngest to the oldest, but now it was perfectly clear.

As the next two days of PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts are to take place next weekend, i.e. 4-5 December, such stories will come again. They only prove that music is able to unite everyone regardless of age.