All rumors were confirmed. Coldplay will release a new song in collaboration with BTS

Some time ago, there were rumors about a song by BTS and Coldplay. It turns out to be true.

As you know, Coldplay is famous for being very inaccessible as a band and hard to reach by other music artists. Rock band very rarely undertakes cooperation with other singers, and it may be even harder to get permission to cover even one of their songs.

Despite that BTS, a South Korean boy band, managed to do it and cover Coldplay’s song “Fix You” live a few months ago, any rumors of their alleged collaboration still sounded very unbelievable. And that’s why recent news was such a big surprise.

Coldplay in collaboration with BTS

Today, on September 13, a mysterious video was published on Coldplay’s social media.


The fans of the band set to work very quickly and decided to decipher what the above symbols really mean and what it is all about. After the video was analyzed, it turned out that it was about working with BTS. Here’s what each character means exactly:

As you can see, the symbols transform into:


It quickly turned out that it is obviously about cooperation between the given bands, and the social media decided to confirm it almost immediately, informing that a song by Coldplay and BTS called “My Universe” is to be released soon.

Probably this Friday, that is exactly September 17, the fruit of this collaboration is to be released. We will certainly have to wait a while for all information and confirmation of the date, but for this moment everything is certain, and the fans of both bands can only be patient and wait.