It’s hard to believe how many people watch Battlefield 2042 on Twitch a month after its premiere

Battlefield 2042 is one of those productions that were forgotten very quickly, at least on Twitch.

When searching for “Battlefield 2042” in Google, the first hint is “Why so bad” – it probably says everything about this production. EA was supposed to show that they can still make good shooters, and it turned out worse than everyone expected.

Of course, Twitch viewership doesn’t determine how good a game is, but it’s hard not to laugh here. The production is in the absolute depths of Twitch.

Where is Battlefield 2042 on Twitch?

At this point, BF 2042 is watched by a total of 2,000 people. Yes, it is that bad. This translates to the fact that the “I’m only sleeping” categories are more popular on TTV than the newest Battlefield.

The extent of how bad the situation really is is best described by one of the clips from the stream “Pokelawls” who was watching TikTok with a Battlefield title.


Do you need to add anything? At the moment, in the last 7 days, EA’s production is ranked 78th in terms of viewership.

It barely outperforms Farming Simulator 2022 and is unable to catch up with the pool category. Monopoly seems to be out of reach. The average viewership is 4,000 people.