What year is The Last of Us series set in? One of the few changes of directors

The Last of Us on HBO has just seen the light of day, and people are already talking about their impressions after the first episode.

The first episode of The Last of Us is now available to all HBO owners. Many people already have their initial impressions behind them, and the series seems to be extremely well received.

There has been a lot of talk about the fact that the creators have made sure that the series is very similar to the game. The directors made a strong point that there would be no time for additional scripts in the adaptation, and they are keen to keep everything in line with the original. However, there are elements that have nevertheless been changed, and one of them is the time in which all the action takes place.

What year is The Last of Us on HBO set in?

Fans of The Last of Us probably know very well that the time and place of the action in the first part of the game takes place in 2033, that is, 20 years after the outbreak of the cordyceps. Interestingly, however, this is one of the few changes the directors of the currently outgoing adaptation on HBO have decided on. As it turns out, the action from the series takes place in the present, or in 2023. It turns out that the plague began in 2003.

So the entire timeline has been moved back 10 years. As Craig Mazin (showrunner of the series) explained during a recent roundtable interview, it would feel strange if the action wasn’t “current” and present.

I feel like, if I’m watching a show and the year is 2023, and the show takes place in 2043, it’s just a little less real. Even if I’m watching a show in 2023 and it takes place in 2016, it’s a little less real.

I thought it might be interesting to just say, ‘Hey, look, in this parallel universe, this is happening right now. This is happening this year,

Despite the fact that the adaptation is supposed to be faithful to the plot and the entire universe, the directors still have their own plan and reimagining of the entire series. All this is just proof that The Last of Us is in the good hands of people who want to take care of the welfare of the popular series and not destroy it in the eyes of not only new viewers but especially old avid fans.