Marvel has changed its plans. It is known when to expect the new Dr Strange, Spider-man and Avengers

Recent rumors about Marvel’s film changes seem to be confirmed by more and more people.

Things have been getting louder and louder about Marvel lately. Rumors about the next installment of Dr Strange and other films of the universe are starting to circulate online. Some of them are rumored to have changed their release dates.

There are supposed to be changes at the studio, which will make fans of this universe very happy. It is worth recalling that the last Dr Strange released in 2022 was reportedly the highest-grossing film worldwide, earning more than $1 billion. Now leakers are starting to say more.

Marvel accelerates production of its gems

Recent leaks have suggested that titles such as Avengers and Dr. Strange are to be accelerated and released much earlier than expected. And so 2025 will belong primarily to Shang Chi 2 and Spider-man, while Dr Strange and the latest Avengers: The Kang Dynasty will follow a year later in 2026, with the former expected to appear sooner.

Marvel reportedly wants Derrickson’s return above all. All the information appeared on one leaker’s profile.

What’s more, the leaks began to be confirmed by other well-known leakers. Ember also put out information on his profile about the accelerated production of Dr Strange.

And Big Screen Leaks wrote that it has also heard about these leaks, but is not sure about Derrickson’s return.

It looks like 2025 and 2026 will be very prolific in the Marvel universe, and leakers are finally starting to say more. It’s interesting when there will be more changes at the studio and we’ll hear about some postponements again.