Is this the end of Cartoon Network? The whole Internet mourns the TV station, while the studio sits and laughs

“When you find out about your death via Twitter.”

Cartoon Network is one of the most popular television stations broadcasting a variety of cartoons, animation,s and series. It took its first steps in the US back in 1992 and until now has maintained high ratings worldwide.

Many people grew up on cartoons produced by Cartoon Network. People to this day, years later, love to revisit old series and reminisce about the best years of their childhood. Recently, however, things have changed a bit inside the studio, and the media have begun to talk about the end of the popular station.

Is this really the end of Cartoon Network? Not really

Some time ago, the web was full of rumors about the end of Cartoon Network. People began to mourn the station, create various lists and reminisce about the best times of the station’s operation.


The truth, however, is a little different. Some time ago, the studio responsible for Cartoon Network merged with Warner Bros Discovery, a media giant that has recently been undergoing a series of massive changes in its operations. The rumors began with news of the layoff of as many as 82 employees from the studio, which was met with considerable criticism from fans of animated series.

According to Collider, Warner Bros has begun the process of absorbing Cartoon Network, as well as HBO Max already, citing the move as a “strategic transformation” of the company. This means that CN, as a separate studio, will cease to produce its own animated series, and this will be taken care of by Warner Bros.

Such changes did not please the station’s loyal viewers very much, who began to create all sorts of memes, TikToks, and YouTube videos talking about CN’s death. This was further picked up by the media, which began talking about the end of the TV station. This spread to huge proportions.

Meanwhile, Cartoon Network, on its official Twitter, is laughing hard at the latest rumors and…. posts memes.


However, there was no shortage of official statements. The creators on Friday decided to respond to the pleas of worried fans, saying that they are not leaving yet, they are only 30 years old.

However, the studio still likes to gently poke fun at anyone spreading rumors and false information about the official end of the popular TV station.