Dreamworks already winked at Shrek fans a month ago and announced its 5th installment

It has been known for several days that we can look forward to the next part of Shrek as early as next year. But that’s not all.

The next, the fifth part of the iconic animation from Dreamworks, has been announced for a good few years now. The first information about the next Shrek movie arose back in 2018 when the film was announced for 2019. 2 years later, sources started saying that the release was postponed to 2022.

Now 2022 is over, and there’s no word or sight of Shrek. Not to mention, of course, more announcements in the last few days. Dreamworks is already announcing Shrek 5 for next year, and this is supposedly already the final date, with the latest change of the studio’s logo as proof.

Is Shrek 5 already certain?

The fact that the 5th part of the much-loved Shrek is set to come out as early as 2023 has been known for exactly a few days thanks to the information that “slipped out” of the mouth of one of Shrek’s voice actors – Antonio Banderas, who is known in this world as Puss in Boots. All because we will receive a feature-length film about his character later this December.

Antonio Banderas at a recent film festival he attended told reporters something interesting:

I’ve been with this cat for almost 20 years. The first time I did Puss in Boots, I was working on broadway, so I did my first session there. I’ve done five movies now. There is probably gonna be another, and [Shrek] is probably coming back.

After this statement, the world practically went crazy. What the actor said went completely viral, with information about Shrek 5 spreading in the blink of an eye literally everywhere. This happened only a few days ago, while as it turns out – Dreamworks had already prepared a certain “announcement” that the fifth part of the green ogre is coming in a big way.

It is exactly about the label’s trailer, which showed off on its social media a new animated logo. This was back in November, so it looks like it was meant to be a slight wink to animation fans, which, however, was not received as strongly as Antonio’s words.


While it’s true that the trailer doesn’t specifically announce a new Shrek, fans have said that something must be up, especially since the characters are slightly revamped and look a bit different than in the older Shrek films. Moreover, in the post, Dreamworks mentions the new Puss in Boots, which after all is from the same universe. Nonetheless, it is Antonio Banderas’ words that leave no illusions that the 5th installment of Shrek is fast approaching and the studio is unlikely to plan any more delays.