A comparison of the first and last episodes of The Office shows how much the actors have changed

It’s no surprise that actors change over time. After all, The Office originally premiered back in 2005.

The actors in The Office have changed a lot since the series premiered. The first episode was presented in 2005, while the latest, season 9, premiered seven years later, in 2012.

Viewers of The Office show how much the actors have changed, including Pam, among others. Interestingly, the biggest change Jenna Fischer has undergone is her hair. Viewers laugh that in the meantime, a proper way to curl natural curls has been discovered. The change of others is also strongly noticeable.

How have the actors changed?

For some reason, the most attention in this comparison has been given to Pam.

What did the others look like?

Of course, that’s not everyone, while according to the community gathered around The Office, these are the characters that have changed most strongly over the years.