The last November box in Pokemon GO. What does it contain? Until when will it be possible to pick it up?

The last November item pack has arrived in the game.

The last two days of November are left, so it’s time for the last weekly box. As always, it will contain useful items.

You can use them in current events or save them for December events, which remain a secret for now. What is included in the box this time?

The last November box in Pokemon GO

November boxes, like the ones in the previous month, are not completely free, but there is nothing to worry about – the price is low enough that most players can afford to buy such a pack. What is in the box this time and by when will it be available?

From November 29 (Monday) to December 6, 2021, you can redeem an event, disposable box for the price of 1 PokeCoin in the in-game store, which includes:

  • 5 x Ultra Ball,
  • 15 x Pinap Berry,
  • 1 x Remote Raid Pass.

Note that the Ed Sheeran event is active until the end of November, and you can complete Misunderstood Mischief Special Research Story until December 1 to get access to free Mischief Unbound quests. Those who have not yet done so must hurry up, as they will miss a lot of interesting rewards, including 50 Hoopa Candy, a lot of experience points, and 10,000 Stardust.

So far, the details of the December events have not been disclosed. Players are waiting for official information on this topic. It can be expected that, as every year, the creators of Pokemon GO have prepared something really interesting for their trainers.