Problems with Jessie and James in Pokemon GO. The balloon does not appear for some players

The well-known duo from the Pokemon series returned to the game. Unfortunately, it was not without problems.

Jessie and James are famous antagonists from the Pokemon series. Hardly any fan of pocket creatures does not associate the iconic Team Rocket, which always appeared with a well-known rhyme.

Not only was the duo a fixture in the anime, but it also became an interesting in-game attraction. Jessie and James came back from time to time in various events, offering various creatures to catch, and sometimes it even happened that they had event tasks for players.

In October, the famous duo was due to return and appear in the iconic Meowth-shaped balloon. Unfortunately, something went wrong.

Problems with the balloon of Team R.

The makers of Pokemon GO have announced in many places that Jessie and James will return to the game and will appear again in their balloon. This information pleased many players, but their joy quickly turned into frustration.

Comments started popping up under official posts saying Team Rocket is not appearing on the map despite checking the game regularly. For some, the balloon only flew in for a moment and then simply disappeared.

Under the post saying that the duo will return to the game, you can find a lot of comments of this type:

Are they really back? Where? I’ve been playing this game for days and haven’t seen them at all! Where are they? Others have already written it in the comments – stop promising something you don’t add to the game.

It’s been almost 6 days and I’ve only encountered the balloon once. I repeat: ONLY ONCE. Yes, I am aware of when a balloon shows up in the game, I haven’t missed any. All I had were with members of Team GO Rocket.

Many players do not hide their frustration. Some people claim that Niantic lied to them and announces events that are not in the game afterwards, or seeing them is almost comparable to experiencing a miracle. So far, the creators have not commented on this matter. Perhaps the lack of Team Rocket balloons is the result of a bug that will be fixed shortly.