The leak shows off the gameplay and abilities of Sojourn, a new character in Overwatch 2

A new leak has appeared on the web showing gameplay from Sojourn, a new character that will appear in the Overwatch 2 beta.

Blizzard officially announced Sojourn yesterday, then there was information about the upcoming Q&A session, during which developers are to answer questions from the community.

On the other hand, there was also a Chinese “leak”, which shows Sojourn from a slightly different angle. Players can once again take a look at the skills of the new character.

Sojourn skills in Overwatch 2

Unfortunately, there is no exact description of the skills yet, but the one from a few months ago still seems to be valid. You should definitely expect:

  • a slide,

  • ability that deals AoE damage,

  • a skill with a single “energy shot”,

  • a special skill that sends a beam of energy.

The complete leaked video is available below. Although in Chinese, it is not too difficult to understand what is happening on the screen.


Now we have to wait for the Q&A session, where the developers will probably tell something more.