Blizzard will bring back the flame on player profiles to Overwatch 2. Have they started listening to players?

Someone at Blizzard has apparently begun to put it all together in a logical way, admitting the community is right.

Another system that Blizzard completely abandoned will return to Overwatch 2. This is very good news and could mean that someone up there somewhere has come to the conclusion that it might be worth listening to the community.

The “flame” system was a very interesting and simply good addition to the original Overwatch. It showed that someone was doing well and gave a sense of “good work”. For some reason, it was completely removed.

The flame will return

In the latest communication, Blizzard writes about the study of the restoration of this system. This is not yet a definitive confirmation, but it is unlikely that there will be one until the system is restored. It’s not clear if any changes will be made to it, but probably yes.

One of the aspects we are investigating is the restoration of the “good streak” system, to highlight when you record a particularly impressive performance in a match.

This is strictly about the flame. Interestingly, in theory, this is a removed element of the game, but heroes, even those new to the game, have preloaded voice lines for this. It’s a bit like Blizzard has been planning to bring it back all along.

Maybe some technical issues stood in the way, somewhere something in the code did not agree and it was concluded that it can be put off for later, or simply there was no time to refine it.

Admittedly it doesn’t necessarily mean that everything will change for the better, but this is a good direction, at least for the moment. Players are very happy with the studio’s recent announcements, and let’s hope it stays that way.