Blizzard on how the support heroes in Overwatch 2 will change. Brigitte without a stun

AndyB took the floor again, this time on the support heroes.

With all this type of information, keep in mind that we are talking about early stage changes and character balance here. What Blizzard is changing now does not have to be included in the final version of Overwatch 2.

AndyB, Community Manager, who spoke about his feelings about playing Overwatch 5vs5 a few days ago, now talks about the support characters. The good news is that overall the role will be similar, but of course, specific champions will undergo major and minor changes.

What to expect?

As we read, at the moment Blizzard has not introduced “tons of changes” in terms of supports, although there are already some that can safely be called significant. Among them is, for example, the removal of the stun from Brigitte.

AndyB reassures that overall playing your favorite support characters should be very similar. In addition, players learned that the studio at this stage does not intend to remove the possibility of healing itself (in the case of Ana, for example).

Finally, the message comes out that tests for general weakness of treatment are ongoing. As we read, the 5v5 support characters were just too good at keeping the whole team alive.