Blizzard is shutting down one of the maps from Overwatch 2. We learned the date of the restoration of Bastion and Torbjorn

One of the maps in Overwatch 2 has been completely disabled from all queues. What’s good is at least it’s known when it will return.

Blizzard’s approach to the issue of serious bugs is very harsh. On the one hand, this is a good thing, as all other online game developers have accustomed us to it, but on the other hand, it’s surprising that some bugs take so long to fix.

The best example is the still completely disabled Bastion and Torbjorn, who you won’t meet in ranked games. Normally, they should be fixed within hours, while in Blizzard’s case it is several days.

When will Bastion and Torbjorn return?

With the shutdown of one of the maps, a date has emerged for the re-release of Torbjorn and Bastion. This is due to the fact that Blizzard has disabled Junkertown – the map is completely unavailable at the moment. The date for its restoration along with the characters is October 25.

That is, you have to wait a few extra days before you can play Bastion and Torb. Rather, this is not something that incredibly affects the opinion of Overwatch, while you can see voices on the web regarding the pace of Blizzard’s work on the fixes.

Why was Junertown disabled in the first place? The issue here was a bug affecting players’ FPS. Shooting with Zaria or Symmetra at a specific object on the map caused frame rate drops.


Strange? Yes, it was nothing incredibly dangerous, but it actually affected the gameplay and could have made a difference in the final outcome of the match.