Blizzard has unveiled the fourth skin that will be available for Halloween in Overwatch

This is actually the fourth skin shown. Blizzard is working hard.

Halloween in Overwatch begins today, possibly around 2:00 PM EDT. It is hard to say if and what modifications are waiting for a special game mode, but you can definitely expect new cosmetic items.

So far, there are skins for:

Halloween skins always get good feedback, so this time. Most are satisfied with what Blizzard has presented so far.

New skin for Brigitte

The skin is really polished, has many different elements, and makes a good impression. This is definitely something that Brigitte’s mains will appreciate.


Seasonal events usually start at the same time – 2:00 PM EDT, so it will probably be this time as well. Of course, this time is not official and should not be treated as confirmed information.