Blizzard has an “exciting announcements” for Overwatch players scheduled for next week

Blizzard has published new information for all players, which generally boils down to everything getting better.

It was to be expected that since Microsoft released its official news about the takeover of Blizzard, the company being bought would also respond to it to some extent. And so it happened. There is a message on the official website that can be shortened to the fact that it will be better overall.

However, there is very interesting information in all this, the standard announcement of the announcement.

It will get better, but there are still such announcements

Blizzard is a unique studio that loves making announcements when something is going to happen. So, at the end of the official article, there is information that developers will have “exciting stuff to announce”. It is scheduled for next week.

It’s worth remembering that we are talking about Blizzard here, so it may be, for example, the Overwatch 2 beta, but it may also be another changed appearance of the next character or an announcement of the next event – this is completely unknown.

In short, it is not known when and what the studio will announce.