Blizzard apologizes to Overwatch 2 players for giving them too low a rank. Now it will be easier to advance

Blizzard has confirmed that a bug has been discovered, through which Overwatch 2 players were being ranked too low.

In one of the latest announcements from Blizzard, the developers report, among other things, that a bug has been found by which Overwatch 2 players were being assigned too low a rank during ranked events.

The required update has already been rolled out to fix this. Players should get to their proper rank faster, among other things, thanks to an additional boost.

Yes, you ended up lower than you should have been

It’s not clear how many people are affected, but if you ended up in Bronze 5, and you feel that your skills are higher, you were probably affected by this bug. We know that players were strongly discouraged by such a result, so it’s worth trying ranked games again now – it’s supposed to get better.

Blizzard continues to look at many aspects of Overwatch 2, and we should expect more improvements to be made over the next days, weeks, or months.