An Easter Egg related to Jeff Kaplan has been removed from Overwatch. The effect of recent events

True to its word, Blizzard removes all references to its employees.

The whole scandal around Blizzard employees had huge consequences that the studio wants to avoid in the future. Changing the name of one of the heroes showed that the developers took the matter very seriously.

Now other easter eggs related to studio staff are removed. Let us remind you that yesterday there was a “presentation” of Overwatch 2 and it was there that players noticed that Blizzard removed the reference to Jeff Kaplan from the “New York” map.

Removed easter egg

Opinions about it are very different. Some fully understand that Blizzard wants to avoid possible unpleasantness in this way. On the other hand, there are voices that this is simply an exaggeration, and Jeff just deserved some reference.

Which easter egg is this exactly? It was shown by Reddit user “CeeLo38”. The word “Jephs” is no longer on the sign of the pizzeria.

There are many different references to former or current employees in Overwatch. It is difficult to say whether they will all be removed one by one. The first example that comes to mind – Mike Morhaime is on Blizzard World.

Will all of this be removed now? This is not known. Blizzard mentioned in its official statement that it will not continue to add such elements, but removing Jeff’s easter egg may just be the beginning.