Why do the animatronics in the Five Night at Freddy’s trailer have red eyes? That’s probably why

Many people have wondered why the animatronics in the upcoming film from FNAF have red eyes.

A few days ago, we had a chance to see the official trailer for the upcoming movie from Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise. From the trailer itself, we could see that a lot of things do indeed come together, and it looks like the creators have taken care of the details.

However, fans didn’t like the fact that the animatronics at night have red eyes, which doesn’t agree with what was in the game. In the original, they were black, which people thought was much more frightening, and it was this fact that made the animatronics just plain scary.

But is there an explanation for this?

Red eyes in animatronics are practically the number 1 topic among FNAF fans after the official trailer came out. Many people said that changing their eyes to a glowing red color is a big downgrade and that the creators should change it. However, there are some speculations as to why the directors decided to do so.

TikTok detectives are already forming their theories, and one of them is very plausible. So much so that it has already been viewed 3 million times in a few days.



In a nutshell, if you look at the official poster advertising the FNAF movie, you can see all the animatronics with red eyes on a purple background. Fans are well aware that this color is associated with William Afton, or Purple Guy. This probably means that the red eyes activate in the animatronics when they are controlled by the villain, while their black color shows when they are controlled by their souls.

This is probably why the creators decided to make such a change in the color scheme of the animatronics’ eyes. They are primarily intended to be easier to distinguish by people who have never experienced FNAF before and will see the film for the first time in theaters. However, to find out if the theory is indeed true, we will still have to wait until October.