A Forza Horizon 5 exploit that allows you to earn millions? Players use jeeps for this

A serious exploit in the new installment of Forza Horizon, in which jeeps play a major role.

It has not been long since the new installment of the Forza Motorsport series was released. Opinions about it have been very positive so far, and the game receives positive opinions not only from reviewers but also from players.

It turns out, however, that some of them found an exploit that allowed them to earn a huge amount of money. All thanks to the inconspicuous Willys MB Jeep, which, without impressing performance, makes up for in another aspect. What is it actually about?

Millions in no time

Acquiring such a car is not difficult as it costs only 40,000 credits. It would seem that this is more of a type of vehicle that we would like to get rid of as soon as possible. And we’d be right to think that, but there’s a better use for it.

In short, the car is easy to upgrade with a small number of experience points in terms of the reward you get for it. For the maximum improvement of the vehicle, we receive a Super Wheelspin. It is an epic prize that allows you to win a large sum of money and better cars. As a result, the garage of many players now looks like this:

What does it mean? Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of players with millions in their virtual account. Especially since the exploit became popular a week ago and has not been fixed so far. However, it is a matter of time, so if you are interested in quick income or are preparing for war, it is worth considering this possibility.