Forza Horizon in schools. This time it was used to explain complicated mathematical principles

There are already many articles on the use of games to learn, but this is the first time you hear about Forza.

Forza Horizon 5, the latest game from the Forza Motorsport series from Playground Games, has enjoyed great interest since its recent release. Many players around the world have fun walking and admiring the open air of Mexico.

Few, however, expected this production in schools. However, similar cases have already happened with Among Us, Minecraft, or even LoL. This time the teacher, when dealing with the subject of the preliminary calculation, used the new Forza.

Mathematics with Forza Horizon 5

One of the Reddit users with the nickname Rj_TBNR shared with the community a photo showing the room with Forza Horizon on the monitor screen.

How did fans of the series react to this? Most very positively. There were jokes about the time it would take for a machine to tear out a tree with its roots, how mathematics has changed in schools, or how much easier it would be to pass a subject with these kinds of teaching methods.

However, are the last of these comments factually based? Given that calculus (to which precalculus is, as the name suggests, an introduction) is used to study the rate of change of variables, there may be something to it. But did Isaac Newton expect that computer games would one day use his calculations? Probably not.