These LoL characters continue to address players this way, even though Riot has long since abandoned it

Fans have noticed that several heroes in the game continue to address the players as “summoner.”

League of Legends veterans surely remember the days when Summoner’s Rift champions used to address the player en masse, referring to him as “summoner”. Over time, Riot abandoned this concept, so none of the new characters do this anymore.

Older voice lines of some characters were also reworked, and in them, the aforementioned reference was also removed. Despite this, several champions still speak to the summoner, which players say is a sign that they need a speech update.

Old character voice lines

One Reddit user has noticed that several League of Legends characters are still addressing the “summoners”. According to him, some of them need a rather urgent refresh, not only in terms of lines of dialogue but in general whether in the form of VGUs or ASUs.

Miss Fortune, Nidalee, Skarner, Cho’Gath, Leblanc and Nocturne…

You can eventually remove Skarner and Nidalee since Skarner is getting a rework and Nidalee is getting a new voice over! However what concerns me is that Miss fortune, one of the popular champions with the most lore centred around her “killing” Captain Gangplank and becoming the ruler of Bilgewater was not able to get a new Voice over after the failed 2018 update.

But its fine because Miss fortune might get an ASU to update her base model such as the legend of runettera and wildrift to eventually get a new voice over! Considering how Meddler notes that there should be more than one ASU per year, hopefully it will speed things up.