The MSI Pass has been brought to League of Legends. Players can support their favorite teams

New content has been added to the game related to the High Noon and Mid-Season Invitational 2022 skins.

On May 12, 2022, the High Noon event pass, which is related to esports, and more specifically the Mid-Season Invitational, known as MSI, hit the game.

From now on, players can purchase special icon packs and emotes. Additionally, income from one of the newest skins – High Noon Talon – will be donated to a certain goal.

High Noon and Mid-Season Invitational 2022 Pass

Information related to the latest pass and additional cosmetic content in League of Legends has appeared on the official website of Riot Games.

With the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational off to a heated start, we’re excited to announce in-game content you can purchase to support your favorite teams and show off your fandom!

We are thrilled to announce the MSI High Noon Event Pass! We are doubly thrilled to share that as with our other LoL Esports-themed content, Riot will contribute 25% of its revenue from the event pass to the MSI prize pool!

The base event pass price is 1650 RP, while the Pass bundle that includes the High Noon Talon skin is 2650 RP.

We’ve been looking for fresh ways to reward and support the teams competing at international events, and we hope that by offering a revenue share on more champion-agnostic content, like the MSI event pass, we can unlock more ways for fans to contribute to their favorite teams.

While the Conqueror skin will not be available for sale this year, Riot will donate 25% of the revenue from the High Noon Talon skin to the MSI prize pool.

While there will not be a Conqueror skin on sale this year, Riot also will contribute 25% of the revenue from the High Noon Talon skin to the MSI prize pool.

What are the prices of individual icons and emotes? Riot has also prepared kits for people who are fans of more than one team:

  • Individual icons: 250 RP each
  • Individual emotes: 350 RP each
  • MSI team icon bundle: 975 RP
  • MSI team emote bundle: 1342 RP

All items described above are now available for purchase in the League of Legends client.

We’re excited to take this new step to unlock fandom in-game for players and also show Riot’s support for the competing teams!