LoL 2023 season – Rewards, new skins, rank reset date and everything you need to know

Riot announces more news that will be coming to LoL as part of the 2023 season. This is important because all the details have already been shared.

The 2023 season is about to begin. So it was the last moment to inform players about what they can expect.

2023 season rewards

In terms of prizes, Riot lists here:

  • 2 Hextech Chests and keys;
  • 6 icons:
    • Icon of Precision
    • Icon of Domination,
    • Icon of Sorcery,
    • Icon of Determination,
    • Icon of Inspiration,
    • Icon of the Book of Runes,
  • 3000 Blue Essence;
  • 8 hero shards:
    • Yasuo,
    • Zed,
    • Sejuani,
    • Pantheon,
    • Wukong,
    • Aatrox,
    • Yorick,
    • Katarina;
  • Icon of the Start of the 2023 Season and Icon of the 2023 Season;
  • the skin of the Sign of Marking totem.

New skins

  • The 2023 skins will go to Kalista, Aurelion Sol, Ivern, and Kled!
  • Skins themes that will appear in 2023 include a new line from Fairy Court and the fan-favorite line Cats vs. Dogs.
  • During the first event of the year, Moon Gods and Myth Makers will descend on Summoner’s Rift. Look for the following skins in patches 13.1 and 13.2:
    • Lunar Empress Ashe
    • Lunar Guardian Kha’Zix
    • Lunar Empress Qiyana
    • Lunar Guardian Malphite
    • Moon Emperor Thresh
    • Mythmaker Galio
    • Mythmaker Garen
    • Creator of Myths Irelia (Legendary)
    • Creator of Myths Sivir
    • Creator of Myths Zyra
    • Myth Maker Sivir (Prestigious)
    • Porcelain Lissandra (Prestigious)

Champions in 2023

  • ASU Ahri is almost ready! Look out for updates to her base version, skins, visual effects, portraits, and all nine tails.
  • Players can also expect more small updates refreshing the gameplay appearance of older heroes and modernizing the lineup in general.
  • Aurelion Sol players can expect a complete update to the Star Architect skill set in the upcoming CGU.
  • The Champions team continues to work on diversifying the hero pool to provide access to different cultures, genders, and skill levels for each position. In 2023, players will be introduced to new heroes Milio, an Ixtal spellcaster, and Naafiri, a Darkin middle assassin.

Ranked game in 2023

Starting this year, a reset related to rewards will be carried out between the two ranking splits to bring the League up to modern standards and to avoid unpleasant situations related to mid-year losses or demotions.

  • Rank Reset: After the start of the 2nd split of the ranking season, the rank reset will not be as deep as in January, because the game does not undergo major changes during this period giving players the opportunity to make up ranks in the same range. The mid-year reset will be even less significant if someone has not played too many games since January.
  • Rewards: Players can now earn full rank rewards in each split, including icons and emoticons, rank frames, and rank skins. That means we’ll have two ranking skins this year, as well as some additional prizes worth climbing for.
    • In addition, players won’t have to meet the Gold achievement requirement to get a ranking skin, instead, they can earn one based on a rank-dependent number of games played in the ranking queue.
    • Colors will continue to be awarded based on the final rank achieved at the end of the split.