The latest Hogwart’s Legacy trailer shows ghosts, duels, more magical creatures, and more

What does the latest Hogwart’s Legacy trailer show?

The release of Hogwart’s Legacy is fast approaching, and consequently, the developers do not stop releasing information about the production in order to keep players interested and remind them of the arrival of the game maintained in the Harry Potter universe. Hogwarts Legacy, according to the announcements, will offer players a truly huge open world with a variety of activities.

Most of the information that has reached players so far has come from gameplay videos, but this time players were able to take a look at the Hogwart’s Legacy trailer. What can be seen in it?

The latest trailer for the game

The open-world RPG from Avalanche Software is set to debut in less than a month, and a new trailer gives a glimpse of what players will be able to expect from the game’s magical world.

Although it’s hard to determine what’s actually part of the gameplay and what’s simply part of the trailer, some really interesting elements were shown. From the dragon fight to the owlery. What could potentially be included in the game?


The trailer features not only many great views of Hogwart’s Castle but also snippets of the Great Hall, the Forbidden Forest, and several locations that are likely far beyond the school grounds.

The trailer also shows some magical creatures and fantastic characters. By far the most striking is the aforementioned dragon, but there’s also a hippogriff, Aragog-style spiders dueling with students, and Harry Potter fans’ familiar Nearly Headless Nick.

Hogwart’s Legacy will hit players on February 10, and fans who bought one of the special versions will be able to play it 72 hours earlier.