When Forza awards a phone booth, instead of the player. Unusual view at the finish line

Sometimes some really unusual things happen in Forza.

In Forza, races can be ended in many different ways. Sometimes in style, other times players prefer to forget what they’ve been doing right away. One of the Reddit users shared not so much his race as its last part.

Mainly because he hit a phone booth just before the finish line. The game decided that not only the player but also this booth completed the race. As a result, something quite… unusual came out.

Award-winning booth

“htwnlife”, waiting for the “five”, went back to Forza Horizon 2. He was doing really well and finally won one of the races. Before the finish line, however, he hit a telephone booth, and it ended up stuck on top of the car.

The game went a bit crazy, the booth was still visible at the finish line several times. Ultimately, it was it that took the place of the car and was awarded.


You don’t see it every day, and as a result, this clip has become really popular.