How to unlock Forza Horizon 5 rewards as part of the Horizon Secret Santa event?

One event is coming to an end, so another event is already on the horizon. We’re talking about Horizon Secret Santa.

The developers of Playground Games can see that their title has been received really well, and therefore they want to diversify the gameplay as much as possible for their players. That’s why they have prepared a number of Christmas gifts and events for their community. One of them is to be Horizon Secret Santa, which will be based primarily on uniting players.

How to unlock gifts from Horizon Secret Santa?

Players from all over the world will have to send each other an unidentified number of gifts. All of this to unlock the Horizon Secret Santa gifts. This can be done through the Forzathon store or the gifts that will appear after locating the find in the barn.

On December 9, an update with “Series 2” is to appear in the game, and this is to unlock access to a new feature in the store – “Secret Santa”.

How to send gifts through gift drops?

In order to send cars via gift drops, you must first locate the finds in the barn and get the vehicle there. After that, it will be possible to send the car to any player.

In addition, it will be possible to buy a car that the player wants to send and then locate one of the gifts on the map, marked with a golden star. You will have to go there and choose the vehicle and the person to whom you want it to go.

If enough people send gifts, you will be able to go to the Festival Playlist menu and pick up a Santa suit and a new car.