You will be able to get this Fortnite skin for free, but it won’t be easy

Fortnite players will once again get a chance to get something for free, this time it is interesting because it is about skins.

The winter event is over, so getting “free” items becomes quite difficult again. Tomorrow, on January 22, a new tournament called “Summer Smash Cup 2022” will be launched, in which players will fight for a special skin.

The scheme of this cup is known to all – people with the right amount of points will receive this skin. So far, the points system has not been disclosed yet, but you can guess that it will not be easy.

A free skin that you have to fight for

The tournament itself will only last several dozen hours. According to leakers, it will start on January 22 and end a day later, on January 23, 2022.

Epic will likely release all information on this in the hours ahead. It is difficult to say how tough the tournament will be and whether scoring the required number of points will be a big challenge.

The skin itself can certainly be liked. After that, it will most likely appear in the store, so it won’t be incredibly special.