You can now get a free skin for Fortnite and more. How exactly to do this?

The Fall Guys challenges have been launched. Players can now earn free cosmetic items.

Fall Guys has officially started working with Fortnite. This is not surprising as both games belong to Epic Games. What do you need to do to take advantage of this event? Of course, install Fall Guys, enter the game and join the event.

It’s enough to play the game, really. The challenges are only about playing, you can find them in the appropriate tab, signed as “Crown Clash”.

Fall Guys challenges for Fortnite items

Epic has not officially announced it yet, but according to leakers, there are no doubts here.

HYPEX claims that everyone who plays 100 games will receive the skin.

  • 10 games – spray
  • 20 games – emoji
  • 40 games – backpack/pickaxe
  • 70 games – backpack/pickaxe
  • 100 games – skin