You can now complete challenges with a free skin and other Fortnite items

Fortnite players can now enter the Fortnite store and claim a special item bundle. This one costs exactly 0 V-Bucks.

As announced, Fortnite has received a new package of items – a skin, pickaxe, backpack, and wrap. All of this is available to PC players from the Epic Store and the game itself. Just go to the store and you can enjoy the skin.

Though getting it doesn’t mean you’ll have it in the game right away. First, you have to complete special challenges.

Free Fortnite pack

Of course, login problems can and do occur in the game. If you manage to enter, you can safely collect the skin and the rest of the items. To unlock everything, you need to complete the following challenges:

They are not difficult, but they will certainly take a while. The first people will probably have skins after several minutes. The rest has time until mid-June.