When a bot in Fortnite turns on its aimbot, it shoots like a man would never be able to

Fortnite bots are sometimes much more dangerous than the players themselves.

Everyone got used to the fact that bots appear in their games a long time ago. Especially at the beginning of the game, their number may exceed ordinary players. Artificial intelligence usually doesn’t cause any problems.

Most of the time, bots aren’t difficult opponents, you just need to start building or shooting. Only running in a straight line can be fatal. Well, unless you come across a bot like Reddit user “Additional-Resort624”.

A bot that has an aimbot

Fortnite bots have one very big disadvantage. They don’t see trees and bushes. This means that they are able to shoot and aim through them as if they were completely gone. This sometimes leads to very unnatural situations.

Here, one of the bots simply aimed at a player who happened to be using Spider-Man’s web. Normally everyone would think it’s an aimbot player.


Funnily enough, this allowed the bot to win the match. It was the last ‘player’. Epic is unlikely to fix this, though it would actually be good for the game if the bots were able to recognize that they were just shooting through the brush.

How do you know it’s a bot? Apart from the name “LootTrooper51”, bots pick up objects in a very characteristic way, reaching with their left hand – thanks to this, you can easily distinguish a bot from a normal person.