What would Fortnite look like if the game was intended for adults? Elimination effects

Fortnite is considered a game for younger people. And what would the game look like if it was rated for adults?

Adult games have many different elements, but one of the most important is the presence of blood. If it is in a game, the game cannot be intended for children.

Many games “bypass” these restrictions and add multiple selection features, such as blood visibility. In this case, players can choose whether they want to see it or not. The Fortnite community decided to check what the gameplay would look like if it was not intended for the youngest.

Fortnite, but for adults

Of course, there are no mods that would add bloody takedowns, but we can see it thanks to editing:


Nothing like this will ever be introduced to Fortnite. Unless the game suddenly changes direction, which is highly doubtful.

On the other hand, many productions allow you to upload mods that add different visual effects. Who knows, maybe someday a tool will be created not only for editing skins but also adding blood. For now, it seems that Fortnite does not need such realism in any way.