What to expect from today’s Fortnite update? One new item, one restored

Fortnite’s content update 19.10 should be coming to Fortnite today.

The content update isn’t a big update, so there won’t likely be any new skins or other cosmetic items. This does not mean that the update itself will be boring. Leakers report two “news” to appear.

It is also worth mentioning that this week, Fortnite will have a Green Goblin skin leaked after patch 19.10 and will appear in the store this week, according to searchers.

What will be added today?

Pizza will be the new item. This one is a very interesting addition.

What else? The revolver is also to be brought back into the game. This is something we wrote about relatively recently. The weapon was updated in patch 19.10 and there is a good chance it will be in the game today.

This week will not be particularly exciting for Fortnite, but the addition of a new Crew can still be expected.