This will be the next “vehicle” to appear in Fortnite. Epic is now ready for its release

In one of the next updates, Fortnite will have a new “vehicle”, or rather a way to move faster.

Epic, in addition to restoring Ballers, also works on the new vehicle. It is not known when it will appear, but since it is mainly a summer way of getting around, it will likely come in the coming weeks.

It won’t be an incredibly fast way, but it will surely bring a breath of fresh air. Its animation and mechanics are ready, so it just needs to be implemented. Potentially for the next weeks of the summer event.

The next vehicle in Fortnite

The next vehicle is likely to be roller skates, the same ones that were added as part of several emotes. HYPEX informs about it on his profile:

It is worth remembering that Epic is still working on a more interesting means of transport, i.e. a motorcycle. It is also unknown when it will be introduced, but potentially a bit later than the roller skates. Of course, it’s Epic, so you can expect everything at all times.

Mobility will surely be an important topic this season. There is no doubt about it.