This new meta will take over Fortnite? According to the players, this will be the OP way of moving around

It is known that a UFO is to return to Fortnite. The players have already figured out how to use them.

Spaceships will definitely return to Fortnite – such information is provided by virtually all popular leakers. Even on the map, there are smaller and bigger hints that the alien subject will return to the game.

You should not expect any breakthroughs here, but for sure Epic is preparing something interesting. After all, we will have to wait another week for the update.

How will UFOs be used?

UFOs will probably be used for fast travel. Unless, of course, Epic suddenly blocks such a feature, which is possible. This method is already very well known, although it cannot be used yet.

Professional players will definitely take advantage of this. Casuals will rather treat it as a curiosity and one of the options.