The pizza that will be in Fortnite on Tuesday has a special skill. It can …

According to leakers, pizza will be added to Fortnite next Tuesday, i.e. tomorrow.

The update 19.10 took place a week ago, so it’s hard to expect that after these few days we will see 19.20. Epic needs to get back to its schedule for us to be able to predict update dates, but you can see that there will be a content update tomorrow.

This patch, according to leakers such as HYPEX, will include pizza – a new item that heals.


A special feature of the pizza

The pizza that will appear in Fortnite will have a special feature. Even before its premiere, players realized that it could simply be thrown into the trash. If we throw the box into the garbage can, the pizza will disappear, making a characteristic noise.


A pizza thrown away in this way cannot be recovered later in any way. Why was this feature added? Good question, but it was probably just a joke. There is no good reason to throw your pizza in the bin. Unless Epic uses it for some challenge.